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About the Owner

About The Owner

The owner (and daycare attendant) of Club Meadow is Michael C. Velapoldi. It is very important that your dog is playing with the right crowd because whether you realize it or not, they're watching and learning from the pack. Especially from the Alpha.


Michael's Experience and Training includes:

 3 years experience as a Veterinary  Technician- 

   Duties included: performing dental surgeries,

               assisting in major surgeries

               administer medicines and fluids

               admit the days surgeries( record vitals, brief clients etc)

               educate clients on minor medical issues and prevention

               draw blood for testing, placing catheters.

 5 years experience as a Guide Dog Instructor Trainer-

   Duties include: Care for 6 guide dogs over a 5 month span.

                          Assess dogs for behavioral issues

                          Supervise up to 20 dogs playing

                          Train  dogs to guide their visually impaired handler through        

                          everyday life (escalators, work, shop, dine out)

                          Instruct the handlers on proper guide techniques.

                          Problem solve for any behavioral quirks the team may have

  Other experiences include kennel worker, vet assistant, obedience trainer (class and personal), groomer's assistant, humane society worker and Doggie Daycare Manager!

   My experience has equipped me with all the tools I need to properly care for and train your furriest family member. (Hopefully that's your dog). So, come on down and we'll talk about your dog.

 Below:  Michael getting set to cross the street with a guide dog in training.